From the FAQ's of the NSFL  (National Spring Football League)...

Is this Arena Football?

NO, it is REAL football.  It is professional outdoor, 100 yard, 11 man football.  We play primarily NFL rules with a few modifications to maximize excitement for our fan base.  Those rule adjustments will be discussed during training camp.

REAL football?!?  Are you kidding me?!?

I get their point.  This is outdoor as opposed to indoor football.  But I would put ANY AFL team against the scrubs they will get playing in this league that likely won't even see the field.  
FAQ Page

I find it interesting that the combine page is done up fairly well, but the league site looks abandoned

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It is cynical and nasty.. I see the point also.  However, all players at these levels should support one another.  They would have to play for the love of the game, some of the salaries they see.  A classless remark on REAL FOOTBALL..

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