Like the new background? The player pictures are only temporary! We WANT YOU and your fan pictures to go on the background of the fanzone with your respective team. Got a picture of yourself and some friends in your team colors or an insane outfit? Let me know and attach a link to the pictures so you can be a part of the new and improved AFL FanZone!

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Hey everyone, I hope you likr the new fanzone background. Unfortunatly ning doesnt compress backgrounds to fit your computer screen so unless you have a widescreen computer it will be hard to view the background as it should be viewed. However, if you want to see the background in full and can't, just zoom out using your internet tools. Can't wait to start getting some fan pictures in the background!

I have a wide screen and the rt side is still cut off.

holding ctrl and hitting the - button to the right of 0 once should fix that.  To return it to normal, hold ctrl again and hit 0.  That's for a pc.  I'm not sure about a mac. said:

I have a wide screen and the rt side is still cut off.

Here 2 I uploaded for you... both of me with KLAW however, one is in the new JUNGLE and the other in the OLD Jungle


i messaged it to you through your profile

There are plenty on my profile. There are probably plenty on everyone's profiles.

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