If you are a participant in the AFLFanPoll, what 8 teams were on your pre-season ballot?

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1. San Jose
2. Philadelphia
3. Arizona
4. San Antonio
5. Chicago
6. Pittsburgh
7. Jacksonville
8. Milwaukee

ya i think they are pretty underrated so far. but thats ok i dont really mind them surprising some people when the season starts.
Ty Thomas said:

Ok.  I hadn't seen anyone else put them in the top 8.  I saw others showing at least a slight bit of putting their favorite team a spot or 2 higher than they belonged.  

iron mike said:

no i legitly think they are going to be good this season. with the QB spot finally solved thats a big step, Gino had the 6th best QB rating in the league during the games he started and even with last years team he managed to turn them around and they won the final 3 games of the season with him starting. now we have one of the best O lines in the league so he can sit back and pick apart the defenses. hopefully. also we have a lot of our defense returning and we had one of the best Ds in the league last season. so im a lot more confident this season. (last off season i was scared i thought we would win about 4 games...)
Ty Thomas said:

Do I sense a bit of favoritism with that #5 spot? haha

iron mike said:

1 Arizona

2 philly

3 san jose

4 san antonio

5 milwaukee

6 chicago

7 orlando

8 pitt

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