ESPNNEWS is going to cover this unfortunate situation in the next Hour.  I do not feel necessary to post the photos most of us have seen.  A game was Marion was cancelled last night in one of these Snaller Leagues.  This turf was folded not rolled.  It is dirty and in miserable condition.  They attempted to lay this over an Ice Surface.   Anything negatively that comes from this for the 1st year Kane County team is on them.  Not prepared.  Not tested days before on a dry warnm surface.  Not premeasured to fit conditions...   The statements of arrogance they came out with makes it even worse.  They did not even comment until the report was going to be aired tonight...Sad..When we want to see stuff on ESPN covered with scores, highlights and the exciting players that Make Indoor; we get a report for the wrong reasons.  Great to convert a casual fan.  "Oh that Indoor football is such a joke"..

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I was rushing apologize for the grammar errors in spelling..

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