“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” ~ Colin Powell

In 2004, a pretty little girl entered the Arena to witness the first of many Philadelphia Soul games with her family. That night was the beginning of a dream for Casey Z.

“Being a Soulmate has been my dream ever since,” Casey said.

Casey was a late comer to dance, she started at age 12. “I started late in the game, but my passion kept me going and improving very quickly,” said Casey. 8 years later, Casey will join the Philadelphia Soul Dance Team for the 2013 season.

This was not the first time Casey tried out for the team. It wasn’t even the second time that she tried out. It was the third time... and the third time was the charm!

After not making the cut the first year, Casey became even more determined to succeed.

“Every year they would tell me what I could work on and improve for the next try out.” “I would hit the gym, improve my body and my dancing for the next year’s audition,” said Casey.

Each year she watched the Soulmates, learning and picking up tips on everything from dance moves, to hair and make-up, to what to wear and how to look more professional.

The Soulmates are so much more than a dance troop of pretty faces decorating the sidelines. They are a part of the team…the face of the organization as much as Jaworski or the Soulman. The Soulmates perform at games as well as a number of public and charitable events. The girls have to be not only beautiful and talented, but have to be professional and have a great attitude.

After every home game you can find the girls interacting with Soul fans at the official after party at Chickie’s & Pete’s. Just like they have their favorite players, some people have their favorite Soulmate. The girls are not only a hit with the guys, but the kids love them too!

“I want to be a Soulmate because they inspire fans and young girls; I was one of them! They bring a big part to the games, getting people involved, and they are just so talented,” said Casey

For those girls dreaming of dancing in the Arena, Casey offers some advice. “Do Not give up easily. There will always be obstacles in dancing and in life. But if the passion is there, you are able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Never give up on your dreams.”
story by: Joe "KrazyKangol" Hiles

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