Despite abundant snowfall and treacherous driving, numerous fans and media attended the Iowa Barnstormers debut of their new uniforms Tuesday.  Barnstormers’ head Jeff Lamberti welcomed the crowd and spoke about the reason behind the change, stating that the new look reflected the “new attitude” the team has built up over the past season.  Head Coach Mike Hohensee echoed the sentiment, speaking about how key positions that were weak last season have been filled with excellent players that will strengthen and improve the team.

Finally, with excitement built to a crescendo, Barnstormer players Marco Thomas, Jason Simpson, Rodney Gnat and newly-acquired Mike Lewis came out sporting the new team uniforms.  Needless to say, the team helmet with aviator goggles is one of the most famous helmets in any professional sport.  Thankfully for fans the Barnstormers have kept the design but have switched to a matte black helmet with gold goggles – basically an inverted version of the classic look.  The home and away jerseys remain the same, with the pants changing from black to gold and featuring a red stripe tapering to a point near the knee.

When asked, Lamberti said that the team was considering doing a throwback night, similar to what NFL and arena football teams have begun doing over recent years,  with the team switching back to the classic gold helmets for a game.  The staff is also hard at work making changes to the team’s website to reflect the change as well as having new merchandise created to offer during the upcoming season.

Iowa’s first home game is Friday April 5th when the new uniforms will be debuted at the Wells Fargo Arena.  New look, new attitude – let’s hope the Barnstormers can kick off the new season in style!


Jeremy Bement - Zone Writer

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Good Job Welcome Aboard Jeremy...I like the article and the way you started it with reference to the weather, and smooth transition into the article.  Good fundamental writing.  I aprreciate the effort and look forward to more of your work in the future.  Think Coach Ho is going to have a good season. 

The second I saw them I honestly hated them and couldn't understand why the change.  But by that evening they really grew on me and I can't wait to see them out of the field.  I think this feeling is mutual with most Stormer fans!

The new ones look good, but it feels like a bit of an unnecessary change since the old ones were great. Though the black helmets do blend a bit better with the uniform.

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