With this logo and FB page coming up.  are there more countries in store for the AFL?

AFL Global on Facebook

Where would you go?

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http://afl-global.com/  is out there too.   

I can't wait to see how this turns out.  This could be the cash cow the league needs to stabilize things.  

"Where would you go?"

New England. Haven't had a team in the 21st century.

Yeah.....I think that is the one area that AFL Global will skip over.   

England maybe....But certainly not New England.

I am in agreement with Slasher...Here I was excited by Asia getting involved.  I would like to see England see if they can embrace this...

There were tryouts yesterday in Hawaii for the exhibition games they'll be hosting in October. I've been keeping my eye on this and I think this has the potential to be very big for the league and the sport in general. From everything I've seen, they've really thought this out and have a plan of how to go about it.

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