AFL China's All-Star Game: Honolulu Welcomes the AFL!
By Sharon Soares - Zone Writer/Photographer

In the days leading up to the first All-Star AFL game in 20 years, AFL China introduced the players who would be on the roster.  How exciting for a group of players to be considered among the elite of the Arena Football League for 2013.  They worked hard and now have a reward of a trip to Hawaii to showcase their talent followed by a trip to China.  Never before had the Arena Football game been played in China .  It has not been played in Hawaii since 2004.  Fans will come from near and far, players will be seen by a whole new group of people, soon to be Arena Football fans.  It should be an exciting game.

Players are expected to arrive on Wednesday, October 30th to Honolulu, Hawaii.  They will get to practice and learn about each other a little bit over the couple of days prior to the game on November 2nd.  Although these players have played against each other, the individual conference teams have never played together as one team.  It will be a chance to learn about other players, become a unified team, and in the end, be ready to play and hopefully win on Saturday.

Rosters were built from both conferences and AFL fans were given the privilege of voting for their favorites to represent the AFL.  Coaches were voted on by fans, as well.  A few “no names”, for sake of a better term,  were added to the roster and fans are left to wonder who will play Fullback since neither team had one listed.  More information will come about regarding these players during the week.  Follow AFL China on Facebook for an introduction to the players, some you know and some you don’t.

“We are proud to unveil this historic group of athletes and coaches to demonstrate the sport of Arena Football to the world,” said AFL China President David Niu. “These games will go down in history as the beginning of something special and bringing the game of Arena Football to China.”

AFL China secured ESPN3 and CBS Sports to air the games.  ESPN3 will air the Hawaii game.  For those of you who don’t know, ESPN 3 is only available online, so log in to to watch the game on November 2, 2013 at 9pm CDT.  CBS Sports will air the AFL China game that is to be played on November 10th, 2013 as a tape delayed game on December 1st.

AFL China and AFL are two different entities.  AFL China is using the rights to the product of Arena Football with the goal of spreading the sport around the world.

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Thanks for sharing this article.  Unfortunately my Internet is at a hotel.  Hope some broadcaster online I can watch this game Saturday,  I will not discuss unauthorized sites, but this is serious ESPN in involved, which gives me encouragement they will get back involved in the AFL.

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