The Zone has learned that Adrian McPherson is planning to make his return to the AFL with the Tampa Bay Storm.


This move should greatly bolster the Tampa Bay offense while creating quite the quarterback competition between McPherson and Wasil.


Adrian McPherson has a career 116 TD's and 19 INT's with his best statistical season coming in 2004 for the Indiana Firebirds where he was 237 for 397 with 61 TD's and 6 INT's while rushing for 259 yards with 19 TD's.

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No competition between the 2 qb's...Wasil placed on retirement!

Wasil knows how to play the game and did a fine job on a very average team last year (until they randomly took him out). McPherson is going to be rusty and his timing is going to be off.   He may not be the guy we remember from 5+ years ago.

I am not a Wasil guy.  His Home and Road splits seemed large.  Sure with Prechae he developed a nice tandem although the Receiver made him look much better some of those catches.  The TB announcer who knows this League was so frustrated with his inconsistencies every time I watched a game seemingly.  I like mobile guys,  for this reason why I would take Morris with the Sharks over Archer because more of a run threat...

Well...that competition didn't last long.  Wasil retires.

I really expected TB to trade him to SA.

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